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3 ways to move your body for better body image

Published on 3 ways to move your body for better body image7th April 2015We all know that moving your body is good for maintaining a physically healthy body. What is less well known is the benefit of activity on mental View more

How lack of body confidence may be sabotaging your career

How lack of body confidence may be holding you back in your career7th April 2015Sadly society has come to equate success with looks. The better looking someone is, the more successful it is assumed they will be. This is a myth View more

Dealing with visible difference

Dealing with disfigurement26th January 2015Over the Christmas holidays, I developed an infection on my face that produced angry sores, attracting unwanted looks and stares when I went out in View more

5 ways to deal with unwanted comments about your appearance

If my appearance offends you, it's your problem not mine22nd December 2014There will always be people who feel they have a right to pass comment on your looks, whether that’s a supposedly ‘well-meaning’ View more

Why body hate is a waste of your life

life is too short to waste it hating your body27th November 2014An article by Kerry Egan, a hospice chaplain and author talks about the regrets of her dying patients. One of the saddest regrets she hears is the View more