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Is a selfie healthy?

Is a selfie healthy?25th March 2014The recent trend of bare faced no make-up selfies in support of Cancer Research got me thinking about the impact of the ‘selfie’ on body View more

You're too _____ to talk about body image

Published on You're too _____ to talk about body image26th February 2014I’ve noticed that the more I put my work on body image ‘out there’; I come up against comments directed at my own appearance.While View more

What is beauty?

What is beauty?11th February 2014Lately I’ve been thinking about what is meant by the word beauty. The dictionary definitions are, for the most part, focussed on physical View more

Ditch the diet

Ditch the diet7th January 2014It’s the start of January and I’m already sick of hearing about the latest diet that promises ‘dramatic weight loss’ and the View more

Am I a real woman?

Am I a real woman?3rd December 2013 A recent article by Kate Bartolotta got me thinking about how we define what a real woman is.  I’ve noticed a growing tendency to View more