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How to accept lines and wrinkles

2013-07-15 17:56:12

Published on 2013-07-15 17:56:12

Recently I noticed a deep vertical line between my eyebrows. Clearly it must have been forming for some time, but I’m only now registering its arrival. Life is visibly etching itself on my 40 something face. Like most women, although I expected wrinkles to come, it can still be hard to accept them.

I’ve heard others say that your life is written all over your face. This got me curious about the significance of lines and wrinkles. What do my lines mean, and how might this meaning hold the key to accepting them?

In face reading a vertical line between the eyebrows is believed to be a sign of someone who is hard on him or herself and is likely to have a perfectionist tendency.

From a purely physical viewpoint, wrinkling between the eyebrows is the result of prolonged periods of experiencing emotions like anger, worry and sorrow.

I’ve certainly been prone to worry throughout my entire life (my mum always said that I frowned a lot as a child), I’m my own worst critic and have often been referred to as a perfectionist.

It seems that the way in which I have experienced life really is written on my face – creating if you like, its own road map. Looking at the line now makes me sad in the sense that I’ve spent a fair amount of time worrying and stressing rather than taking a more relaxed attitude to life. It’s not so much the line that is difficult to deal with, but what it signifies.

Yet it isn’t only the bad experiences that can be seen on your face. When I smile I see my laughter lines (also unflatteringly known as crow’s feet) and I know that despite any worries, I’ve also had fun. I wouldn’t want to erase those reminders of the joy in my life. While the furrow between my brows is a call to relax a little more, to worry less and to have more fun.

When you view lines and wrinkles from this point of view, I believe it’s easier to accept the ageing process. Lines and wrinkles are as much about your life experiences and the development and growth you’ve gained as they are about the physicality of ageing.


Woman with laughter lines

Imagine erasing all the visible signs of your life from your face with Botox, fillers and plastic surgery. To do this is to deny a life lived. Your face is the main vehicle through which you express emotions, and emotions are what make you feel alive. People with Botox struggle to show normal facial expressions, which in turn makes it difficult for them to experience emotions such as anger, sadness and joy.

The next time that you look at your lines and wrinkles and make some derogatory comment about looking old, ask yourself what life experiences are written in your face? Relive the joy and happiness of the past and count your blessings for those laughter lines. Congratulate yourself for working through difficult times and ask what lessons can be learned from lines caused by worry and stress. 

Remember that your face tells the story of your life good and bad. Embrace the person that you’ve become and accept what’s written in your face – it makes you who you are.

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