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Watch your body language

2013-08-05 13:45:25

Published on 2013-08-05 13:45:25

How often do you tell yourself,“I look ____ ”where the word is something uncomplimentary like ‘fat’ ‘ugly’ ‘old’? For many of us, this is an automatic daily occurrence. It’s become normal to deride our bodies not only to ourselves but in front of others. Your internal and external dialogue about your body has a big impact on how you feel about it. If you say negative things either to yourself or others about your appearance, it will have a negative effect on your body image.

Before you can love your body, you must begin to talk about it in a kinder, healthier way. Follow these tips to help clean up your body language.

Become aware of your body talk

Over the next week, tune into the language that you use to describe your body. This may be your ‘inner voice’ or how you speak about your body to others. What kinds of things are you saying? Is there any particular part of your appearance that you focus on? How often are you talking to yourself or others about your body? Are you being positive or negative?

Would I speak to a friend that way?

Becoming aware of the way you talk about your body is the first step to making changes. You may be surprised at how many times in one week you’ve put your body down either to yourself or in front of others. With this greater awareness, next time you say something negative about your body, ask yourself, would I say the same thing to a friend? It’s very unlikely that you’d tell a friend they are ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’, so what makes it acceptable to do this to yourself?  Be kind to yourself as you would be to a friend.

Change the negative sound track

Gradually begin to banish the negative body language from your vocabulary either when speaking to yourself or when talking to friends or family. Whatever you verbalise can be internalised, so take a stand against body talk that is unkind either to yourself or others. Challenge even those phrases that are said in jest such as, ‘bingo wings’ ‘muffin top’ and ask, are they really funny? 

Watch you body language

Don’t make size or weight a topic of conversation

A group of girlfriends can easily turn a conversation into talk about weight or size. Constantly discussing weight gives appearance a greater significance than it deserves. Surely you have more interesting and important things to discuss? Society has led us to be obsessed by how we look – the only way to change this is to take a stand and change the conversation!

Stop the judgements

Look in any gossip magazine and you’re likely to find stories about how a celebrity is overweight, underweight or how they got their beautiful body. Such magazines are constantly passing judgements on women based on their appearance. When you read these kinds of articles you buy into the judgements and are more likely to judge your own worth by size or shape. When you stop judging others by their appearance, you’re more likely to be accepting of your own body.

Change the dialogue about your body and change the relationship that you have with it.

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