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Heart your body

2013-10-09 17:32:37

Published on 2013-10-09 17:32:37

While sitting by the pool on holiday this summer, I couldn’t help but notice the bodies of other women (no, I’m not a pervert, let’s just say that it’s an occupational hazard for a positive body image advocate!). What I found reassuring was that most of the women had tummies, bootilicious bottoms and evidence of that invention of the beauty industry, cellulite (by the way, I include myself in this too). There were no signs of the kinds of bodies we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in glossy magazines – taught tummies, trim thighs, tiny bottoms, and legs that go on forever.

The beauty ideal, it seems is reserved for 
a) The very young; or
b) The very sporty or athletic; or
c) The genetically gifted i.e. models

Based on my limited pool side ‘research’, this ideal is practically non-existent. In fact there is evidence to suggest that the figure of a typical model is something found in only 5% of the population. To put that in to perspective, if there was only 5% remaining of a particular animal population we’d say it was close to extinction! Yet we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing that ideal in all the media we consume that we expect to see the airbrushed lovelies lying by the pool next to us!

It’s such a reassuringly normal experience to see real women in their swimsuits. Each one different in their own way. I couldn’t help but admire each of the differing forms – a refreshing alternative to the unattainable images we’re exposed to.

Heart your body

Photo courtesy of Jessography*

There’s something wonderful about the curve of a woman’s belly (and all tummies are meant to be curved naturally by the way), a pair of sturdy thighs and an ample pair of bosoms.

What I find most beautiful is a woman who is prepared to put on her one piece or bikini and put her body out there for all to see, regardless of her shape or size, with pride.

So I say, if you want to see real beauty, look around at women in your every day life, not the glossy magazines, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

*This wonderful photo was taken by Jessy Paston of Jessography, and is shown here with her permission.  Jessy helps her clients experience the power of healing through photography.  See more of her wonderful photographs at


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