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Sales tactics that prey on body image

2013-11-15 10:33:25

Published on 2013-11-15 10:33:25

Earlier this week I was subjected to the most appalling sales tactics designed to prey on a woman’s insecurities about her appearance. I was accosted by a sales woman on High Street Kensington selling a range of skin care products made from gold, called Orogold. Sales people lure women into the store by offering them a ‘free gift’. Once inside they work through an elaborate sales strategy with potentially damaging effects on body image.

The saleswoman applies a ‘miracle’ eye gel and cream to one of your eyes to show you how much better under eye bags and wrinkles look after one application. I didn’t notice any difference, while the saleswoman gleefully declared that both lines and bags under the treated eye were ‘significantly reduced’. 

I pointed out that at 42 years old it would be a little strange if I didn’t have any signs of ageing and I accept that. Besides, there is nothing on the market that can stop the ageing process. Taken aback, she couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t want to look younger, saying, “You could look so much better with these products!”

Extremely irritated, I got up to walk out of the store while she tried everything in her power to keep me in the store to make a sale.

I left feeling very angry at this immoral way of selling to women. I’ve had to work hard on my body image to get it to a place where it is robust enough to stand these kinds of assaults. However, I know that for so many women, having their supposed ‘flaws’ pointed out to them would dent their confidence and result in them parting with their money.

I’m not against beauty products per se. Anything that you use to take care of your body and pamper it is a healthy way to show yourself some love. However, when you come to rely on these products as a way to hide flaws, to make yourself more acceptable, they simply reinforce poor body image.

Please don’t ever let anyone dent your body image in this way. 

Orogold sales tactics dent body image

Recognize tactics for what they are – attempts to make you feel bad and to sell. Get some perspective. For example, I know that most women my age have lines and bags – we are all ageing, this is natural and normal. Short of surgery, nothing is going to change this.

It’s time we took a stand against some of the unsavoury ways companies promote their products. Picking on womens’ vulnerabilities is a cowardly way to sell. There are brands out there that don’t feel the need to resort to these tactics. Instead brands such as Dove and Body Shop choose to promote health and positive self esteem.

So, Orogold, I’m calling you out on this one – I think your methods are appalling and I’m letting everyone I can know.

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