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Styling tips to help you love & accept your body

2015-11-05 14:16:19

Published on 2015-11-05 14:16:19

I truly believe that the key to being more body confident is to accept your body as it is from the inside out. This means working on how you think and feel about your body first of all. This is the foundation of lasting body confidence. From this place you will enjoy wearing and shopping for clothing.

Here are my tips for using style to embrace your body shape, and to support you on your journey to better body confidence:

Dress for your personality

“Know who you are first, and then dress yourself accordingly” Epicutus

Style is an expression of your personality. When you dress in a way that reflects your personality, you will feel comfortable and confident. If you dress in a way that isn’t you e.g. to please someone else, to follow fashion without considering if it’s ‘you’ or because you just don’t know who you are, it’s likely you will feel inauthentic and awkward.

Getting to understand your style personality will not only make you feel more confident within yourself, it will also make shopping easier and more enjoyable.

Completing my Style Personality Questionnaire will give you a better indication of what your style is, helping you to select clothing that fits with who you are.

Action plan: make sure that you take some time out with a nice cup of tea to complete this questionnaire, and get a better understanding of your style personality.

Wear what makes you feel good

According to a concept known as ‘enclothed cognition’, it’s your perception of the clothing that you wear that determines how you feel and behave when wearing the clothing. For example, if you associate a particular item of clothing with feeling confident, you are more likely to behave and feel in a confident manner.

This means that you can select your clothes based on how you want to feel.

Try this exercise: think about the clothes in your wardrobe. What do you instinctively turn to when you want to feel confident and self assured? Do you have a ‘go to’ outfit? What is it about the outfit that makes you feel good? If you don’t have anything in your wardrobe that makes you feel good, what kind of clothes would make you feel good?

Action plan: what items in your wardrobe to you want to wear more often to feel at your best? Do you need to buy some feel good items? If so, what might you buy?

Dress to accentuate what you like most about your body

Naturally, we all have parts of our bodies that we’re less keen in. A healthy body image allows you to accept what you’re less keen on, but at the same time recognise what you do like about yourself and your body. Focussing on what you do like helps to drown out the negative thinking about what you don’t like. Get in the daily practice of noticing what you like about yourself and your body each and every day.

styling tips to help you love & accept your body

For those parts of your body that you like the most, accentuate these in the way you dress. If you like your décolletage, wear a V neck top or a beautiful necklace that draws attention to it. If you like your eyes, what eye make-up or coloured clothing can you use to bring out their beautiful colour?

Try this exercise: list 5 things about your body that you like. If you struggle with this, ask a partner to tell you what they see.
For each of the body parts, list how you can accentuate these in the way your dress or wear your hair or make-up.

Action plan: what are you going to do to accentuate those parts of your body that you like most?

De-clutter your wardrobe

If you’ve got a cluttered and bulging wardrobe, chances are there are clothes lurking in there that don’t fit you or you don’t like. Hoarding possessions is a sign that you’ve developed an emotional attachment to them which can keep you stuck in the past.

It’s tempting to hold onto clothing that is too small in the hope that you can one day fit into it again. When you do this, subconsciously you send yourself the message that you are not acceptable as you are now, with those smaller items of clothing serving as a constant reminder. Similarly, holding onto clothing that is too big after weight loss can make it more difficult to accept your new size. What hangs in your wardrobe should represent who you and your body are today. The journey to becoming more body confident starts with acceptance of your body as it is now.

Action plan: think about what clothing you immediately know needs to go from your cupboard. Write it down now and commit to getting rid of it!  For further help with wardrobe de-cluttering, why not get my Wardrobe De-clutter Kit or read my article How to de-clutter clothing.

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