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Body Confidence Programme - Body Confidence Support for Women

Duration: 3.5 hours – initial session + 2 follow coaching sessions of 1 hour each

Cost: £275

Why Body Confidence?

Body confidence is about accepting and loving the body you’ve been given. This confidence is determined by your body image - the way you think and feel about your body.

If you mostly feel comfortable with your body, are satisfied with the way you look and don’t dwell too much on those bits you are less keen on, it’s likely you have a healthy body image. However, if you struggle to identify any positive aspects of your appearance, are constantly trying to hide perceived flaws behind clothing or make-up, or put off doing certain things in life due to dissatisfaction with your shape, it’s likely you have a poor body image.

Poor body image can stop you doing the things you want in life. Have you ever struggled with any of the following because of your body image: applying for a new job, going on dates, being intimate with your partner, starting a new hobby, socialising, experimenting with new styles of clothing, or just generally enjoying life?

Let me help you get body confident, creating a healthier body image through tools and techniques that will challenge unrealistic body ideals and get you focussed on loving and accepting your body.

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What happens during the Body Confidence programme?

The Body Confidence programme is different from my other services: it includes an initial intake session lasting half a day followed by 2 one hour coaching sessions. Body image is a sensitive subject that requires sufficient time and space to explore fully in order to create positive and lasting change.

During the initial ‘intake’ session you will:

* Learn to take an objective view of the body ideals  portrayed in the media;
* Assess your own body image;
* Highlight where poor body image is holding you back in life;
* Challenge your perceived ‘imperfections’;
* Learn to see yourself through someone else’s eyes;
* Focus on those aspects of your appearance you like;
* Learn to appreciate the many miracles your body performs daily;
* Take away a ‘Body Confidence Toolkit’ comprising exercises and tools to work through.

During the coaching sessions you will:

* Review the results and outcomes from the exercises in the ‘Body Confidence Toolkit’;
* Re-assess your body image
* Discuss your progress, highlighting your big ‘successes’;
* Explore any further challenges and discuss ways forward.


* Feel confident about your appearance from the inside out;
* Be equipped with tools and techniques that will cultivate a healthy body image for life;
* Feel confident engaging in activities previously avoided due to poor body image;
* Live a happier, more fulfilling life free of body obsessive thoughts;
* Be a healthy body image role model for women and girls in your life.

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Where will the programme be held?

The initial session for the Body Confidence Programme can take place at the Peppermint Style Studio or in the comfort of your own home. Please consult my travel policy for details of any travel costs that may apply. As this session is designed to be entirely focussed on you, I would ask that you plan for this time to be free from any interruptions or distractions e.g. children or pets. This will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience – remember this is your much deserved ‘me time’. The 2 one hour coaching sessions can be done face to face or over the phone, whichever you prefer.


When can I book the Body Confidence Programme?

The initial session can take place on any weekday during the daytime. For a premium of £50 you can book this session on a Saturday daytime. The follow up coaching sessions can take place on any weekday daytime or evening. If you want to check my availability, please go to my availability calendar

What do I need to do beforehand?

Prior to your session, I will ask you to complete a ‘Body Confidence’ preparation form, which gives me more information about what you’d like to achieve in the programme, and your views and thoughts about your appearance.

How do I book onto the Body Confidence Programme?

The simplest way to book is to use my booking form. Just pick the service(s) that you want, check my availability for the preferred time and then send the form!

Gift experiences & vouchers

Would you like to give the Body Confidence Programme as a gift?  Click here to select the Body Confidence Programme as a Gift Experience voucher, or to purchase a cash voucher to be redeemed against the cost of the programme.

Further questions?

If you still have additional questions you’d like answering before making a booking, please contact me. You can call me on 07930 367 296, email me at, or make an enquiry.

Support with Body Confidence

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