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....what’s it all about?

The term ‘image consultant’ conjures up varying meanings to different people.  Here I explain the kinds of services this area might provide, tell you what it means to me, and how this shapes the services I offer.

One definition describes this as:

“ …a person hired to advise on improved public presentation or impression especially in public media, or to assist someone in improved personal appearance or style.”

While this definition nicely captures the overall objective of most image services, I’ve come to think of an image consultant as a generic term to describe all the personal services that help an individual to look good, feel good, and create the impact that they want with others. 

Mainstream services include:  colour analysis - looking at the colours that work in harmony with an individual’s own natural colouring, style consultations - determining the right cuts and styles of clothing to suit an individual’s body shape and personality, wardrobe clearing and organising,  and personal shopping.  While some consultants may specialise in professional appearance, others might focus on day to day styling.  Some consultants may also provide coaching and advice in areas such as personal grooming, etiquette, body language, voice, and inner confidence.

These mainstream services have primarily focussed on external appearance with less consideration given to how an individual thinks and feels about their appearance – what is known as ‘body image’. Research has shown that regardless of what you look like, when you have a healthy body image you will be more content with your appearance, and are likely to have higher self-esteem.  Without a positive body image, no matter what changes you make to improve your appearance, you are unlikely to like and accept how you look. 

I take an up to date, holistic approach with clients based on the principle that to look and feel good, you must first of all have a healthy acceptance of your body.  Trained with the Style Coaching® Institute, I learned to use a combination of personal styling and coaching techniques that allow an ‘inside out’ approach to image consultancy. I focus my clients on learning to love and accept their bodies and make the most of their own unique features and personality through clothing colour and style.

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