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Peppermint Style Client Testimonials

To help you find out more about what it’s like to work with me, hear what some of my clients have to say:

"Judi, thank you so much for this whole experience.  I had an absolutely amazing time and learnt so much from you.  I am looking forward to going shopping with both my colour and style guides!  I certainly feel more confident and do not shy away from a splash of colour now!"

Kylie, Southampton

"I met with Judi for a colour conusultation and a few weeks later also a style session and I really enjoyed the experience. Both sessions were very relaxed, but well structured and professional and I felt very comfortable. Judi is a true expert in this field and I have come away with a very good idea of what colours and what style suits me best, which enables me to make much better buying choices. The next thing I need to do is a wardrobe de-clutter. This will hopefully get rid of a long history of unflattering styles and colours that do not let my skin or hair shine as I now know it can with the right clothes. The sessions with Judi were a real treat for myself, excellent value for money and brilliant "me-time" - I highly recommend her."

Stephanie, Southampton

"Thank you for the great style and colour session. I really enjoyed the experience and it as relaxed and informative as I had hoped for. Armed with my new knowledge of which colours and styles suit me I have already had a shopping trip and I'm really pleased with the results. It was also great to realise that I had more clothes in my wardrobe in my colours than I remembered".

Sharron, Basingstoke

"Thank you Judi for your guidance, help and support when we met recently.  I came to you for advice on colour confidence.  I came away not only feeling more confident about colour but with an understanding of how it can lift my mood and assist in my working environment.   Purple was a great revelation and I immediately had to go shopping.  I am now experimenting with very positive results.  Thank you again.  I know I will be back in touch soon for my next lesson in confidence building."

Elizabeth, Sunningdale

"Thank you for a thoroughly informative and enjoyable colour session.  I will definitely be putting your excellent guidance to good use, and am happy to recommend your services."

Karen, Ashford (Middlesex)

"I didn't know where to start with buying maternity clothes so I booked a style confidence afternoon with Judi. It was great fun and Judi helped me identify my own style both for during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Judi is a lovely lady and she helped me develop my confidence and I will be recommending her to all my friends."

Ashley, Addlestone

"Thanks very much for such an enjoyable and useful time yesterday. I'm really looking forward to going out shopping now with my long list of things I need and I feel a lot more confident in my ability to choose things that are right for me."

Megan, Sunninghill

"Thank you so much for Saturday, I so benefited from my time with you - I now have more outfits to play with, and I have been focusing on my waist not my hips! I’ve learned to celebrate my hourglass figure and make the most of it by accentuating the good bits - the size 10 bag is in the cellar!”

Michele, London

“Many thanks for all you did for me on Saturday. I was so surprised by how easy it was to throw things out with your support and guidance. I now look at my wardrobe in a completely different light! I’ve also been looking at other people and how they are dressed (I couldn’t help myself). My conclusion is that very few women dress to enhance their body shape. What a shame!”

Andrea, Clapham

"Just a quick note to say thank you for my colour analysis the other week.  It was interesting, informative and lots of fun!   I already had a good idea that bright & light colours tended to suit me more but your suggestions about combinations and basic wardrobe colours was very inspiring."

Sally, Egham

“I worked with Judi recently on my colour and style. She really boosted my confidence when I discovered which colours work best for me. She also helped me to review my wardrobe which was fantastic - I created a new look for work and she gave me some great ideas on a couple of items to buy. I would definitely recommend Judi, she is great at what she does and has made a really positive impact on the way I feel about myself.”  

Julie, Marlow

"I went to Judi for a colour analysis and got so much more. I am a busy mom and aspiring entrepreneur who recently re-entered the working world. I needed to revamp my wardrobe and was frustrated with unproductive shopping trips. I appreciate Judi’s thoroughness in not only analysing the right colours for me, but also in explaining and demonstrating so that I could see for myself. I never knew how much wearing the right color actually makes you look younger and your skin more radiant! I now know what to look for (and which colors to avoid) when I go shopping which will make my shopping trips much more efficient. Thank you so much Judi – you have saved me time and money!"

Tacy, Ascot

"I’d just like to give a great shout out to Judi for doing my colours. Since having my children I felt I hadn’t really paid much attention to the colours in my wardrobe and was wearing a lot of black! The session was great fun and Judi made me feel very comfortable and see for myself the colours that make me look and feel fantastic."

Vicky, Sonning

"I wanted to say a massive 'thank you' for the Colour Confidence session you ran for my friend Charlotte last Friday. She absolutely loved it! You made us so welcome. Charlotte is very excited about her new colour palette and cannot wait to go shopping with it. She's now feeling a lot more open minded about the colours she can wear. Thank you!"

Vanessa, Wokingham 

"I found your Wardrobe De-clutter Kit really helpful.  It made me focus on why I was hanging onto quite a few items of clothing, which then helped me to let them go."

Judith, Woking

"If you have ever wondered if you are wearing the right colours that suit you, I urge you to make some time to meet with the fabulous Judi Craddock at Peppermint Style for a colour analysis. Find out whether the colours you usually wear or perhaps someone once said you’d look great in, really do enhance and look good on you or whether they just make you look a bit well, flat or pasty faced. What I love is how warm and professional Judi is, as she takes you through the process at your pace, without rushing you. You can then follow and understand how different colours and shades flatter you or can make you look pale and washed out, so that you have the confidence to go away and put it into practice for yourself. I particularly love my mini fabric colour swatch which I had to take away, as a great tool to help me when shopping in future or working with what I already have in my wardrobe along with Judi’s excellent practical advice. Thank you Judi!"

Nicky, Camberley

"I met Judi through a networking group and when I heard about her service, I instantly knew it was the push I needed to sort and de clutter my wardrobe. Judi and I met for a coffee to discuss my exact requirements and talk about the range of options that she offers.

We agreed that I would probably need about two hours to start with but I could add time if it was needed on the day the session took place a week later.

Judi was very honest and gave constructive comments about my style and the additions that were needed in my wardrobe - there were actually just a few additions. A couple of large bags of clothes are headed for the charity shop, another bag to a friend and the final one to a second hand clothes store.

My wardrobe de cluttering session was very good, I now have some space and can see more clearly what I have in the cupboards. I would definitely recommend Judi, the session was enjoyable due to the friendly and professional service she offered."

Christine, Sunningdale

"Thank you Judi for doing my colours. I really benefitted from learning for myself what I should be looking for and considering when clothes shopping. I now feel confident in what colours to wear to improve my appearance which in turn makes me feel happier in myself."

Nicola, Arborfield

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