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Wardrobe Confidence: Wardrobe Styling for Women

Duration: 2 hours minimum

Cost: £50/hour

Why Wardrobe Confidence?

Whether your wardrobe is overstuffed and disorganised, or is looking a little sparse, you can benefit from a wardrobe de-cluttering session.

Wardrobes can be a daily source of frustration when you struggle to find something to wear in them. With most women only wearing 20% of their clothes 80% of the time, it’s clear that we haven’t mastered the art of making our wardrobes work for us.

Having a streamlined, organised wardrobe filled with only clothes that you love can have a huge impact on how you feel. When your wardrobe is fantastic, you sub consciously send yourself the message that you are fantastic - worthy of having an amazing wardrobe!

If you're looking for one to one support, find out more about my Wardrobe Confidence session below.  

Or, if you'd like to do a wardrobe de-clutter yourself, why not get my Wardrobe De-Clutter Kit, which walks you step by step through the process of clearing and organising your wardrobe.  

You'll also find hints and tips on wardrobe de-cluttering in my blog.

  Wardrobe de-cluttering and organisation for women in surrey



What happens during Wardrobe Confidence?

During the session you will:

* Go shopping in your own wardrobe, discovering new combinations and looks you didn’t know were in there;
* Weed out items that no longer fit, are worn out, don’t suit you, or aren’t in a flattering colour;
* Understand your ‘shopping habits’
* Clean and organise your wardrobe so it is easy to put outfits together;
* Make a list of items to buy to complement and complete your wardrobe.


* Ease of choosing outfits in an organised and uncluttered wardrobe;
* Save the unnecessary frustration of ‘having nothing to wear’;
* Feel good about yourself knowing you have a fabulous wardrobe!
* More efficient shopping habits, saving time, money, space and frustration.

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If you’ve not had a colour or style consultation before, I recommend the Colour Confidence and Style Confidence sessions before completing the Wardrobe Confidence.

Where are the sessions held?

The Wardrobe Confidence session naturally needs to take place in your own home. Please consult my travel policy for details of any travel costs that may apply. As this session is designed to be entirely focussed on you, I would ask that you plan for this time to be free from any interruptions or distractions e.g. children or pets. This will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience – remember this is your much deserved ‘me time’.

When can I book a Wardrobe Confidence session?

I offer Wardrobe De-cluttering sessions on weekdays during the daytime. For a premium of £30 you can book a session on a Saturday daytime. If you want to check my availability, please go to my availability calendar.

What do I need to do beforehand?

Prior to your session, I will ask you to complete a client preparation form, which gives me more information about what you’d like to achieve in the session and a bit more about your current wardrobe.

How do I book a Wardrobe De-clutter session?

The simplest way to book is to use my booking form. Just pick the service(s) that you want, check my availability for the preferred time and then send the form!

Gift Experiences & Vouchers

Would you like to give Wardrobe Confidence as a gift (minimum of 2 hours applies)? Click here to select Wardrobe Confidence as a Gift Experience voucher, or to purchase a cash voucher to be redeemed against the cost of the consultation.

Further questions?

If you still have additional questions you’d like answering before making a booking, please contact me. You can call me on 07930 367 296, email me at, or make an enquiry.

Or why not take a look at the Peppermint Style Blog for hints and tips on wardrobe de-cluttering



Or, why not do it yourself with the Wardrobe De-Clutter Kit ?

Looking for help to do your own wardrobe de-clutter?  This Wardrobe De-clutter kit will leave you with a stream lined and organised wardrobe full of only clothes that you love.  Rather than your wardrobe being a source of frustration, you'll look forward to opening it each day, knowing that you can easily find and put together outfits.

Complete with step by step instructions on how to clear and organise your wardrobe, a check list of things you'll need and recommended storage options.

Peppermint Style Wardrobe De-clutter Kit